Thursday, January 17, 2008

Theo, Life of the Partay

I have friends of different varieties. I have the kind who don't care too much for kids, but like Theo well enough because he's mine. I have the kind who like kids and like to be around Theo in small doses. Then I have the kind who love kids and are practically friends with me because of Theo!

These photos are from Saturday night at Marcail's apartment. Marcail and Katie fall into the latter group of friends, and Saturday was spoil Theo night. Marcail happened to have two other friends over, both guys, and even THEY were wild about kids and spoiled Theo!

Demetrius adorns Theo with Marcail's apron, carefully concealing the Yankees' emblem.

Theo is focused on prepared Gluten-free brownies for Katie.

Marcail, Demo and Theo baking together!

Theo enjoying mommy's biggest craving, cheese doodles--my kind of kid. Actually, he's also kind of my kid.

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Katie and Theo spooned on Marcail's bed but drifted apart after falling asleep. Theo started out under the covers, but as usual, kicked them off. He's been doing that since he was a newborn kicking out of his swaddle.

Adam drove me and Theo home around midnight, and groggy Theo sweetly clung to me in the elevator. Anyway, it's very rare that I bring Theo when I'm with friends, so I'm grateful to have this group of friends who have loved him since he was a baby. Although they were probably more into watching his Thomas the Tank DVD than they should have been.


Cail said...

a few things 1) i'd still be your friend even if you didn't have Theo 2) i'd never seen a live action Thomas the Tank!! How awesome. Also Alec Baldwin? What's not to love.

Better question- Which did you prefer- Thomas or Lars and the Real Girl?

Elyse said...

Heehee, thanks for number 1! And oh yeah, good point. Thomas is far superior to that piece of crap artsy fartsy junk ass movie.