Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If I Should Fall Behind, Wait For Me

Those are Springsteen lyrics in the topic title. :) They refer to how long it's been since I last wrote. I was going strong on this blog for a while, wasn't I?? Then work got really busy and of course, my exhaustion level is through the roof. Not complaining, though. I am growing a person, after all.

I had another doc's appointment today. All is well, I'm measuring at 32 weeks (which I am--perfect!) and Melody's heartbeat sounded great. My weight gain is up to 17 lbs.

Melody's movements are getting really gigantic now. I can feel her flipping and punching and kicking and twisting, and body parts are constantly protruding from my belly! I try to identify them--that's the hard part. Was that a heel? A finger? A head? A foot? I never know, but it's fun to guess! She's supposed to engage within the next few weeks, which means she's supposed to turn so her head is downward, and stay that way.

Things are coming together! We built our crib, and it took two hours! We're terribly unhandy, and the instructions were awful--they may as well have been written in Japanese. Our crib bedding has arrived, and our bassinet is set up. It's wonderful to stare at the empty crib and picture our baby in there. The cats look adorable in the bassinet, but we'll have to start kicking them out. Theo already does; he's very protective of Melody. He tells the cats "get out of Melody's bed!"

I'm getting more and more convinced that Theo gets that there is a baby in my belly, and that the baby's name is Melody. So much so that I don't think he'll be surprised when he sees the baby for the first time. I think seeing her will make him connect all the dots and piece together all we've been talking about these past months--the baby in the belly, the crib, the this, the that. What I don't think he gets is that this baby will actually materialize. I think in his mind, there is already a baby named Melody and that's that. I can't wait for them to meet and to see his face!

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Ms. Lady said...

i'm so happy and excited for you guys... eeeeek!

i don't think i entirely got the whole "you're getting a little bro" thing either, i mean, it just happened, and there we were. :) but i Looooooooooved him anyways (well, more after I got a gift to match his eighty million shower gifts...)

i think i will be in NYC for a few days in July -- do you think we could meet up? I have to be @ a wedding in Jersey the 3rd wkend... So will probably be in NYC before/after the wedding.

Hugs around my beautiful preggo Elyse :)