Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This and That

  • Yesterday was picture day at school. Theo looked ridiculously handsome and grown up! I can't wait to see the photos; I hope they come out at as great as they did last year. I also hope he looks good in the class pic. Last year he was the only kid with his head turned completely sideways with a weird expression. I was so mad; in the age of digital, I know they could have gotten a photo with all the kids looking at least decent. Anyway, Joe and I had so much fun in the morning getting his outfit steamed and his hair brushed and sprucing him up. He wasn't thrilled about wearing a sportsjacket, however. He wanted his blue sweatshirt.

  • I got a letter from school saying Theo's teacher Grace was promoted to Educational Supervisor and Lavern was now the teacher, effective immediately. I'm happy for Grace, and she deserves it, but I think it's an odd time of year to change teachers. The school year is almost over! But luckily I love Lavern; she's been working in Theo's class for the two years he's been there as an assistant, so it's not like the kids have to adjust to a stranger. I spent some time with her at the zoo recently; Theo likes her, too. It shouldn't be a big deal.

  • I'll be 34 weeks on Friday. I think 34 weeks is considered the point where the baby is no longer really a preemie if born early--so that's great! It's a huge relief to know that if I went into early labor it would probably be fine. Not that I think that will happen; it's just good to know.

  • Tomorrow we have an appointment at the Jervis Clinic in Staten Island again. This time they're evaluating Theo to determine his level of autism. We consider him to be very low on the spectrum, so I'm a little worried about hearing otherwise. I'll keep you posted.

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