Wednesday, April 02, 2008

World Autism Day

Today is World Autism Today. Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey wrote an interesting article on Jenny's son Evan (I'm not sure if Carrey is the father or not, too lazy to look it up). They, like many people, attribute their son's autism to vaccines.

I'll never know if Theo got a vaccine that affected him negatively in any way. He could have, or he could not have; I have no clue. But I do know that at the time I didn't know to do research or question any vaccine. If the doctor wanted to give a vaccine, I went ahead and scheduled it. Great, I thought, the more the better.

Melody will have the benefit of my experience with Theo; now I know to learn about every vaccine thoroughly before she gets it. How awful for Theo to be a guinea pig, so to speak. Though to be honest, I really don't think vaccines had anything to do with his delays. But that's more of a gut instinct than anything.

By the way, interesting how some former porn stars are accepted into mainstream while most are condemned by society! Who knew Jenny McCarthy would one day be writing for CNN? You go, Jenny! I can't help it, I liked her on that MTV show Singled Out, way back in the day. :)


Linda said...

Elyse, who/what are your sources? Jenny McCarthy was never a porn star. Methinks you are confusing her with Jenna Jameson.

Ms. McCarthy started out as a model (she was in Playboy) before she got her first tv roles and wound up as a host on MTV.

Jim Carrey is not the father of her son.

Elyse said...

Lin, I was actually just referring to the Playboy. That's considered porn, isn't it?!