Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yucky Chocolate Milk

Funny bit of cuteness for the day-

I love chocolate milk, especially during both pregnancies--but so does the whole fam, so when it's in the house I barely get to have any. Thus, I have taken to drinking Silk's soy chocolate milk, because I actually like it and Joe won't dare try it, and I get to have it all to myself. It's good for the baby for me to have it, anyway. When Theo saw it in the fridge I always told him it wasn't chocolate milk.

The other night, Theo surprised me when he said "I want yucky chocolate milk."

Oh no! Joe had blown my cover! He had gone grocery shopping with Theo earlier, and without thinking, when he put the Silk in the cart he told Theo it was mommy's yucky chocolate milk. So much for having it all to myself!

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