Friday, May 16, 2008

The Bright Side


I'm 36 weeks today! 9 months. Look up top at the countdown ticker, see the baby is in the last month? I put that ticker up when she was only in the fourth. How cute, it says she's being finalized!

At this point I'm uncomfortable and anxious to just have the baby already. I find myself complaining more and more, which I don't like. So I thought to keep me sane for the last few weeks I can try to appreciate what I do love about being pregnant. After all, I don't plan on being pregnant again. (Plan being the key word!)

o Every time I take a bite of food, Melody moves. I picture her swimming in my belly and trying to catch everything I eat in her mouth! It's so weird that pretty soon I'll eat a meal and nothing will happen with my stomach. It will just be still.

o I love getting kisses on the belly from my husband.

o I love the attention I get at work. I can't walk down the hall without someone squealing and getting excited. Soon enough I'll be just another employee walking down the hall.

o I love people giving up seats on the subway for me and letting me take their spot on line for a public bathroom. I'm in NYC, but it does happen!

o I love dreaming about what Melody will look like, even though it makes me even more anxious to have her now!

o I love the love I'm getting from friends and shower is coming up this weekend, so I can't wait!

o I love playing "the pregnancy card." I got a free scoop in Baskin Robbins the other day, and people are just plain nicer to me.

o I love telling Maow not to worry, that she'll always be the first special little girl in my life.

o I love doing something mundane like lying on the couch with Joe and Theo, and then picturing a baby with us.

o I love being able to justify almost anything I eat.

o I love getting to say "it's the hormones." I won't have that excuse for much longer!

o I love getting creative with maternity outfits.

o I love this bond that right now belongs only to Melody and me. Very soon she'll be everyone's baby, which is wonderful. But for now, she's just mine.

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