Friday, May 16, 2008

Is That Jealousy I Detect?

Every morning when the alarm goes off, Theo gets out of bed and gets into ours. He brings Knuffle Bunny and sometimes one or two other toys or books, and he squishes in between me and Joe, getting under the blanket. But he insists on being the middle of us!

Yesterday morning, Joe made a good point. He asked Theo where he was going to lay when Melody is here and we're four friends. (Right now we call it being three friends when we lay together. Theo started that a while ago!) Joe said, "Theo can lay with daddy and Melody can lay with mommy."

Theo actually started to whimper! He put on his sad face. "Theo lay with mommy!" He whined.

This was unexpected and delightful. I'm still beaming over it. Let the jealousy begin! Jealousy is good for a mommy and daddy's ego!

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