Monday, May 05, 2008

How it Went at the Clinic

Sorry I didn't post sooner, I realize some of you checked the blog frequently to get results from Thursday's visit to the clinic in Staten Island. I didn't mean to worry anyone.

The waiting room was sad; a few autistic adults were waiting, and they were pretty far gone. One woman kept letting out random bellows for no reason. I was grateful, needless to say, that Theo is nothing like this and is so highly functional.

We met with three female doctors at a table. They had a gigantic booklet of questions for us to answer. The women were extremely perceptive and by the end of the evaluation seemed to really "get" Theo.

He got an IQ test at school (I didn't even know about this, how nice of his school to inform me) and they estimated his IQ at around 94, which is about average. One of the doctors said "I don't think your son is autistic. He's somewhere between PDD and...whatever. We can label him as a giraffe, it doesn't matter, what matters is getting him the services he needs."

So we talked at length about schools and updating his Individual Education Plan, and they told us about a school in Long Island. We are visiting the School for Language and Communication Development tomorrow. We are very fortunate; they give tours once a month, so we're just in time for the May one! I'll let you know what we think of the school.

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