Monday, May 12, 2008

More Updates

  • Our visit to the School for Language and Communication Development in Long Island was great. Our application is in! Phew, it was like applying to college! A $125 application fee, plus I had to gather all kinds of reports and evaluations and materials. If he passes the first phase, and gets in on paper, he then goes in to meet with them and have a mock day at school.
  • I got to see Melody last week! I had a surprise ultrasound when they wanted to check to make sure she's facing head down. She is! She has assumed the position...that's my girl!
  • I gained 5 pounds in two weeks! That's about 23 pounds total weightgain so far.
  • Our "nursery" is almost ready. We ordered handmade letters to spell out Melody and Theo to go over the crib and his bed respectively.
  • I still haven't packed my hospital bag! I'll get cracking on that in the next couple of weeks.
  • We thought of a perfect day for her to be born! June 7th! Her birthday would be 06/07/08. Fun, huh? So let's see if she cooperates.
  • My excitement is matched only by my fear of labor. It's much worse this time knowing what to expect than it was not knowing what to expect. Last time I was at least able to say "how bad can it be?" Yikes, now I know! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah :(
  • Life is crazy and overwhelming between school searching and baby prepping and distributing my responsibilities at work. It keeps me sane to just remind myself that it'll all be over soon. I'll be home relaxing and cradling a baby, the school will be picked, and I'll be on maternity leave. Oh, how I long for those days! Soon, soon...

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Jane said...

FAntastic pix! You look beautiful and Theo looks about 23 years old. [Joe, you look beautiful and 23 also.]

I hope to talk to you before the end of the week to catch up. xoxo