Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend

Theo and Knuffle Bunny kneel at church at Ethan's communion on Saturday. Theo was a good boy at the service; he liked all the sitting/standing/kneeling. He flipped through the prayer book backwards. Perhaps that's the quarter jew in him?

Ethan is one cool dude in his mom's new convertible.

Me and my handsome nephew.

Sharing ice cream with my boy on Mother's Day! I have a photo of me in front of this wall when Theo was in my belly!

Theo in flight!

Theo made this for me at school, it's a little treasure chest/jewerly box

This is a photo I took of a photo. We did this at Babies R Us for mom's bday/mother's day presents.

For these two photos, Joe set up the lights and did the retouching, but mom was the photographer. Go mom, good job!

Mother's Day was wonderful. Joe made breakfast and gave me lots of massages throughout the day. I'm always asking him to rub my lower back, since that's where I feel a lot of pressure. And it's really cute how Melody responds to the massages, it always sets her in motion! We had a laid back family day; went to the playground and out to lunch. We all took an afternoon nap, then Joe brought home dinner from my favorite steakhouse and we watched the Survivor finale. The thoughtful hubster also replaced the jewelry box the cats had broken!

I feel very loved and fulfilled these days. I'm so used to saying I spent the day with the boys; soon it will be Joe and the kids! Can't wait. :)

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