Monday, May 14, 2007

More Cute Stuff

Lately, when Theo gets out of the bath, he puts his three favorite bath toys on the edge of the tub before exiting. His fish, his boat, and his frog. Somehow he manages to carefully get out without knocking them over. I think that because he is getting out of the bath, he thinks they need to get out, too.

Theo helped me with laundry today. How can he be SO excited about putting the damn quarters in the damn machine? You know how you put the quarters in the slots and then push the whole thing in after? Well, out of habit I pushed the thing in after he put in the quarters. He cried for at least 15 minutes. He had wanted to do it himself. In fact, he had his heart set on it. But he was happy after he got to put the clothes in the dryer and put those quarters in. Now, if only he knew how to fold and put clothes away.

On the elevator, Theo always knows whether to press 5 or 1. This is something I screw up all the time, especially in the morning. I'll be on my floor, press 5, and wonder why we're not moving. But he gets it right every time. He even knows that when we're bringing a laundry bag down, he should press C.

And last, but not least, Theo's current snack fancy is mayonnaise on wheat bread. They even each other out, right? Right?

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Marcail said...

oh, gross. mayo sandwhiches? that's like my worst nightmare!