Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More On My Talker

Everyone said that once he starts talking, he won't shut up. I hoped and prayed for that to be true. Well, we may not be discussing philosophy yet, but he doesn't shut up and we do have mini conversatons. From the second he wakes up and tells me he wants to eat or drink, to the moment he goes to bed and demands to read "David Goes to School" for the sixtieth time, he yaps away. Or at least at home, he does. In school, not so much, but for now it's enough to know he's capable.

I've come to really cherish some of his little sayings. For example, he calls gummy bears teddy bears. Or if he wants to do something himself, he says, "I want Theo's turn!" This has become a frequent phrase because he won't let me help him do anything. He has to pour his own milk, open the elevator door, push the button, zip his jacket, etc... Sometimes he'll also say "I wan'do it!"

He's getting really good with possessives. He'll grab my cell phone and go, "this is mommy's phone." Then take Joe's and say, "this is daddy's phone." Then he'll take my phone and shove it in my pocket and say "put in pocket, mommy."

He's still a little fuzzy with pronouns, often referring to himself as Theo. "This is Theo's hat." But it's pretty adorable. And he occasionally does say "my" or "me." When he wants help, he says "help you, peese." I guess it's because I say, "do you want me to help you?" I remember when Max was little he used to say "pick you up" when he wanted to be picked up. It's fascinating to watch someone learn language, as someone who has such a love for the English language. It's a constant evolution. Now when he sees his brother he says "Clay" instead of "pay" and when we see Mr. Softee he demands "ice cweam" instead of i-peen.

Aw, Theo just came over and kissed my shoulder! I'll end on that happy note.

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