Monday, May 21, 2007

Whose Toy is it Anyway?

A few months ago, at the local movie theatre, I bought Theo a little toy for 25 cents at one of those toy-dispensing machines. It was a small, squishy, yellow Spongebob ball. Theo played with it for about five seconds and then lost interest. Like so many other things, it ended up on the floor in our apartment.

Pretty soon, Maow discovered the Spongebob toy. She chased it, she swiped it, she carried it around in her mouth -- it was her instant lovey. Weeks ago, I watched in horror as Joe tried to throw it away; not Maow's beloved toy! He would never dare now. She has thoroughly staked her claim on it.

Recently, Theo saw Maow happily playing with her soft little ball, and he said, "No, Maow! My BuhBob!" He bent down and grabbed it, leaving my poor kitty crestfallen. We laughed and told Theo that this had been Maow's ball for quite some time now, and that he hadn''t wanted it. (You'd be surprised at just how often we take the cats' side over his.)

And so Spongebob remains under the table, not so bright and yellow anymore, but loved and cherished in this household.

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