Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Sport of Theo-Spoiling

As I sit at my desk typing this, Theo is squeezed on to my chair next to me, as he often is when I'm working on the computer.
He's such a little sweetie.

Theo has had an eventful last couple of days. On Friday night we had a burrito night at our place. Attendees included Aunt Lisa, Marcail, Katie, and Billy. Given that crowd, suffice it to say Theo was spoooiiiiiiiled. I love how much my friends adore my boy. A couple of them (cough, cough, Katie) come just to see him and then remember I live there too.

Yesterday we met up with Aunt Pia in Central Park and gave her a mini tour. He greeted her with a hug and a kiss. We took him on the carousel -- "black horse, I want black horse" and his face when we started moving was priceless. A huge smile that grew as he went faster and higher. Aunt Pia bought him both ices and ice cream. We walked a good couple of miles and Theo more than kept up his energy the whole time. Amazing what strength a kid can muster up at a park!

Inside the park we visited a little playground, but it was a quick stay because Aunt Pia needed to get back to the construction going on in Brooklyn. I tried to get Theo to leave after only a few trips down the slide, but he wasn't having it. And so I told him, "Pia needs to go to Nonny and Aunt Donny's house." He immediately left the slide and came with us obediently. I had the feeling that he thought I meant WE were going to see them. Later, when we said goodbye at the train, Theo asked for Aunt Donny, and so my theory proved true. On the way home I said we were going to see Bruce and Maow, and he started to whimper. "No BruceMaow. NonnyDonnnny!"

Aunt Pia is a faithful reader of this blog, as is Marcail, and so I'm thrilled they both got to witness the Theo progress I've been writing about. Right now it's Sunday morning and he hasn't stopped talking for an hour and a half. Mommy, I want tape! Mommy, I want cereal! Mommy, look, train! Etc..etc...


Marcail said...

he's getting so big! pretty soon he'll be too big for katie to carry!

Elyse said...

And then he'll start carrying Katie!