Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Weekend in Ringwood

This weekend we went to Ringwood to stay with Grandma Popcorn, Jodi, and the boys. My nephews have gotten so big! We hadn't seen them since before we went to France. Max, though, is still little. Theo is finally taller than he is. But Theo still looks up to him as a little idol. We went to the mall with Grandma Popcorn and Max, and Theo was Max's little shadow. He followed him around and copied everything he did. When Max through a coin in the fountain, Theo threw a coin in the fountain. Max may be small in size but he's become such a big boy in every other way!

We went to Old Navy and Grandma spoiled Theo with a bunch of summer clothes. Max and Theo got matching baseball hats and sandals, too. They wear the same size in everything!

On Saturday morning we watched Ethan's little league baseball game, where they don't keep score and when you're out you still get to run the bases. It was adorable. Ethan's a star player; he hit 2 grand slams this season. Later that day, we saw Alexander's team play. Since the kids are older, it's more of a real game. He can really hit.

This is the first time we visited the family since Theo has really been talking. He didn't stop talking all weekend. I want this, I want that. And he held his own, playing with his cousins. If they took a toy he'd yell "Stop, Ethaaaan!" and things like that.

Jodi has a new puppy, Bo. He's a 2 month old chocolate labrador. He is the cutest thing. We all fell in love, especially Clay. There's nothing like a puppy. And he gets along with Brandy, the other dog, and the 7 cats. Theo seemed to like Bo at first, but by the end of the weekend he was pretty scared of him, since Bo is teething and kept trying to bite Theo's crotch.

The new house in Ringwood is fantastic. I took a walk in the woods and sat by the creek, on a rock, watching the water flow for the longest time. It made me miss my own Alleypond park. Anyway, Theo loved running through the woods, he had a goofy smile on his face. He also is enthralled by both the Mario pinball game in the basement and the pool table. Whenever we played pool he picked a ball and asked for it throughout the game. "I want number four. Number foooooour!" I just love how much he's talking. It's really exciting.

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