Friday, March 28, 2008

Theo's Five Friends

These are Theo's friends. He carries them from room to room, and you can bet your butt if one goes missing, there is hell until it's found.

They are:

Knuffle Bunny - You know all about him by now.
White Teddy Bear- A random Xmas present from a family friend from 2 years ago who was until recently just one of the stuffed animal collection.
Pirate-When Grandma Popcorn bought Max a toy at McDonald's I told her don't worry, Theo doesn't need one, too, he won't care. Theo immediately reached for Max's pirate and I said "Uh oh, get another one, get another one!"
Train- A souvenir Grandma Popcorn bought Theo at the Train Express Railyard we went to.
David-From the "Oh, David" series Theo cherishes.

This top photo displays the excellence of Joe's photography. Look at the perfect circle, from Theo's eyes to Knuffle Bunny's eyes and clockwise. The picture really makes you follow that direction- cool. The next two are mommy loves her cute smiling little boy photos.

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