Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mixed Report

Joe and I both visited Theo's school this week, separate days. Joe went today, and I don't have the full report yet, but it was mixed with good and bad, like mine. We both were surprised at how off he was. He's a very different Theo at school. Almost too obedient. He doesn't ask for things unless he's prompted to. At home he asks for everything. Lately I've been excited by the 2 and 3 word sentences he has been putting together. But at school, not so much.

Pulling him from school isn't the answer, because most of the other kids seem to be more advanced than he is, and it's good for him. He gets really excited at song time, and he does sing along, which is good. Joe said for "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" he watches the other kids do the clap first and then he does it. I'm sure he'll do it with them soon enough. I prefer him being the follower to the leader, because he does need to see a more advanced level modeled. I was worried he'd be in a class full of kids who are sitting there, staring into space and rocking.

When I watched him at bfast he handed out cups to everyone - his job! How cute! And he sat next to 2 boys, both pretty big talkers. At first I got excited, it looked like he was having a little conversation with one of them. But then he started zoning out during the meal. Strange. But later he tried making his own chocolate milk, pouring choc syrup into the milk and stirring. He only needed a little assistance!

The thing is, he started eating his cereal without milk because he didn't have milk. At home, he would never stand for eating cereal without milk. He'd ask for it. But he didn't at school. Hopefully he just needs to adjust more first, and he will.

Since Theo is too "disciplined" at school and not enough so at home, ideal Theo is a middle ground Theo. Of course, when are kids ever ideal?

His teacher, Grace and speech therapist Jeannie are really great. It's only been a couple of months but they know so much about him, and I can tell they really take their work seriously. They love these kids. And they know Theo so well.

I loved seeing all the school things. Pictures from Halloween - he was the cutest monkey, but all the kids looked cute in their costumes too. Pictures from the farm - one was of Theo on a pony ride! His cubby, his photo album. They make a photo album of each kid. Theo has some hysterical pictures in it. One is of him in a bandana and sunglasses pushing a pink stroller.

Theo talks the most and responds the best when doing sensory work, like working with playdough. They baked playdough together there, and he really loved that. They give him massages to get his senses going, and have him jump on a trampoline before they work with him, because he seems to work better after exercising and playing. I'd be curious to know what little things like that they do with each of his classmates to get THEM ticking.

Overall it was really cute seeing him with his little friends, and he is so happy at school. It's an emotionally charged experience, for sure.

By the way, when I got there he smiled and continued hanging with his classmates. But when Joe got there he jumped up, spilled his milk and cereal, and ran to him. Grrrrr. Sooooo unfair.

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