Monday, November 13, 2006

Polka Party!

Yesterday we visited Nonny and Aunt Donny in Brooklyn, which always makes for a nice day. Theo gets tons of attention, and the ladies get plenty of Theo material to discuss over coffee for the next few weeks. And I get ... ultra yummy food!

Theo is consistent. On each of our last visits, he ate exactly three meatballs with his pasta. Yesterday he demanded that I cut my meatballs the way I cut his before I was allowed to eat them. Mom, who was also with me, and Nonny got a kick out of that. He did this by coming up to me, grabbing my fork, and saying "cut" while trying to cut them himself.

Leaving Nonny's, Theo said some version of "Aunt Don." He knew where we were going next! It's part of the Brooklyn routine.

At Aunt Don's, after eating his usual bazillion graham crackers, he went and stood on the spot where we all dance the polka; we do this every time after coffee. He ran to Aunt Don's tape player and tried to make the music come on. Aunt Don found the polka tape and stuck it in; yes, a tape, remember those?

I had no idea Theo knew our Brooklyn routine so well!

It was a lovely day, and ended in Theo leaving wearing a beautiful gray knitted hat that matched his gray peacoat, compliments of my genius Great Aunt.

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