Monday, November 20, 2006

The Evolution of Subway Travel

When Theo graduated some time ago from stroller passenger to full time walker, this meant no longer going through doors, but turnstiles, to get to the subway.

For months he happily ducked under the turnstile. Joe or I would wait for him on the other side so we could see how cute he was coming under, with a big smile on his face. Joe was always excited to go on the train with Theo so he could watch him do this.

Now, he has to be a big boy and do it like mommy and daddy. He has to walk through the turnstile. Naturally, I am unwilling to by him his own Metrocard just for this purpose, so I let him walk through with me. But before we can walk through, he has to swipe his imaginary card through the digital reader (charming all bystanders). The first time I saw him do this I was nearly on the grimy, gum-splattered floor, laughing.

On the train, he still keeps his face plastered to the window. Hopefully he won't outgrow that for a while. I really love my little observer. He takes it all in. Living in New York, he's a people watcher - just like mom and dad.


Anastasia said...

he's gonna get pimples if he keeps doing that.

Cail said...

funny, i was thinking something along the same lines...