Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More School Stuff

I haven't been good about updating lately, so here goes. Theo had an eye exam at school. He has an astigmatism in his right eye and may need glasses...he'll be re-tested in three months and at that time they'll determine whether to write him a prescription. Bad vision runs on my side of the family, but I really hope he doesn't have to start on glasses so young. It's the last thing any of us needs, but especially my poor little guy.

The good news is I spoke to Jeannie, the speech therapist, and she said that since my talk with Grace, Theo has improved. She is torn now on whether he needs to be on PECS, whereas before she recommended it fully. Amazing what can change in a couple of weeks. And I guess this is a big lesson for me, and a simple one - throughout Theo's many years of schooling, I will get good reports and bad ones, and that's just the way it is. Unfortunately, my mother only got good reports about me, I should have put her through more hell. Okay, that's not true, in junior high I got in trouble once because my shorts were too short.

Tomorrow I'm going to the school to attend a meeting about PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System). I will learn more about it and try to determine with Jeannie whether Theo needs it. I'll also be observing his speech and OT sessions on Monday, and as much time in the classroom as they'll let me. It's open school week. Joe is going on Wednesday. So between the two of us and the three days there, I hope next week ends with good feelings about school.

I am told that at school he is always, always happy.

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