Monday, November 27, 2006

Toilet Ups and Downs

I kind of mean that literally. As I reported earlier, Theo started peeing in the potty like a pro. No mess, toilet seat up, then down after.

Then, the other day, he sat down to pee. Needless to say it got everywhere. I'm not sure if he was trying to do it like mommy does it or if he was trying to poop. I realized how unfair it is to parents who have boys; we have to teach them to sit with one thing and stand with the other, and just one is hard enough as it is! For girls it's a two in one deal.

Now, luckily he's back to standing up, but he refuses to put the toilet seat up. Ironic, since most men refuse to put it down. Again, it sprays everywhere. I don't get the regression in potty training other than the fact that the little guy lives to drive me crazy.

However, I prefer cleaning up messes to no potty use at all. He still only sometimes uses it. Sometiems he refuses to wear a diaper and other times he refuses to wear one. He's very moody. And he won't use the toilet at school or his babysitter's or at Joe's mom's or sister's houses. The only other place he's done it is at Mimi's. I'm so glad that he's at least done it somewhere besides home.

And, we had a little Thanksgiving miracle. He pooped in the toilet! Sure, he'd done it before once or twice, but by us forcing him or by accident. This was the first time he realized he had to go, went and put his little seat on the toilet (which he sometimes uses and sometimes doesn't, depending on his mood). We sang the potty song a good 5 or 6 times before I heard the clunk and the splash. It was really exciting, to say the least! And he was oh so proud of himself.

He hasn't done it since, but it was a good start.

Before I sign off, one more comment, since I've been so graphic already I may as well go to town. It's so interesting watching him pee in the toilet. His peehole is so tiny that the stream is super skinny, slightly wider than a string. Because of this, peeing takes forever since he's gotta get this large amount of pee (larger than I'd have imagined) out of this tiny hole. No wonder his diapers were always so full. A whole lot can come out of such a little body. Who knew?

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wow. that was um, informative :-)