Friday, November 03, 2006

Remember His Name!

Last night we watched "Dancing with the Stars" as we do every week. Normally I simply watch, as normal folks do. But last night the song "Fame" came on, and I couldn't help myself, I got so excited I jumped up and starting dancing and singing (I was in a production of the show a while back).

Every time it got to the word "fame" in the song I threw my hands up and sang the word loudly. Well, guess who I realized was dancing around with me, with his little arms in the air. "Fame!" he yelled with me, laughing.

I made Joe join us and the three of us danced our sillies out. I sat down and Theo grabbed me and made me get up to keep dancing. Theo's dancing quickly turned to just running in circles and making a lot of noise, so that put an end to our fun. That was a clear sign that it was bedtime.

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