Tuesday, December 19, 2006

First quarter report

I talked to Theo's teacher, Grace yesterday. I had gotten a first quarter report from his school - yes, his first report card! You get a 1 for no progress and a 5 for goal met, and he got all 3s and 4s on a variety of areas. 3 means little progress made and 4 means progress made.

Grace said the same stuff as usual, Theo is very happy at school and can do everything when asked or prompted. They are still working on his independence. And he's peed in the urinal once or twice. I'm just glad that he's gone at all at school, now at least I know he's not too scared.

I still have to call his individual therapists, I have a few questions about their report. He got 3s in a couple of things where I would have expected higher, especially in one of the physical categories that included stairs and climbing...I mean, he's a pro at that stuff. He certainly practices climbing enough at home!

At school he still talks mostly through context and routine. Like at breakfast time he knows to say "I want milk."

But at home he really seems to be starting to put words together on his own, and certainly not by routine. The other day he wanted me to clean his nose "mommy, clean nose" and told me he wanted me to wet the napkin "water!" It seems like the progress is beginning to accelerate now, and hopefully we've got some momentum going now.

A year ago we put an apple ornament on the Christmas tree to represent his favorite word at the time, one of the few he said. Finding that ornament this year and putting it on the tree, Joe and I reflected on how far he's come over the past year. He says a whole lot more than apple, that's for sure!

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