Monday, December 11, 2006

Making a Scene

When Theo was born, we enacted the Nativity scene at our dear friend's ministry's annual Christmas party. He was only a few months old and made the perfect baby Jesus. As I held him in my arms, everyone sang "Silent Night." He was lulled to sleep right there on stage. I will always treasure that moment his eyes slowly closed. It brought tears to people watching.

Joe and I were Joseph and Mary for a couple of years after that, using a doll (a black baby girl!). I go on stage as Mary, and the angel tells me I will give birth. I exit the stage and return with the baby and Joseph.

So, this party was Saturday night. Theo was with us and everybody gushed at how big baby Jesus had gotten.

When it came time for us to do our Nativity, the finale of the evening, we waited in the wings. Theo was playing with a little girl in another room. I went on stage and began to recite my lines.
Suddenly, Theo climbed on stage - wearing his shoes on his hands! The Virgin Mary couldn't help but laugh, and after Joseph removed Theo from the stage, Mary had to take a minute to compose herself before continuing.

After the angel told me about my immaculate conception, I exited the stage. Joe was holding Theo in the wings. He said, "Let's carry him out. He's coming either way." I giggled and agreed. I removed the blue blanket from the doll and wrapped it around Theo. And so, off we went, back on stage - Joseph, Mary, and Giant Baby Jesus.

Well, as I'm sure you can imagine - the crowd erupted in laughter! But Theo was a good boy. He stayed with us, smiling, soaking up the attention. When we all sang "Silent Night," the memories definitely returned to many of the people in the room.

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