Monday, December 11, 2006

What a Silly Human Bean

Yesterday morning I asked Theo if he wanted pancakes. He ran to the kitchen and opened the freezer (on the rare occasion that I have leftover pancakes, I freeze them). He pulled down an unopened bag of edamame (soybeans). These were already shelled, and since I like the shelled ones and found those in another store, that bag probably would have stayed closed for a while.

But Theo insisted that I open the bag. "Bowl, bowl," he demanded. I got a bowl. "Poon!" I got a spoon. There Theo sat, with his spoon and bowl filled with frozen green soybeans. I sat down next to him, wanting a front row seat for this one.

He put one in his mouth and scrunched up his face. I watched him, bemused, ready to declare victory. Until he ate another, and another, and another. Pretty soon he asked for more.

I gave him more, and made pancakes anyway. He still had 2 and a half pancakes in addition to his bowl and a half of edamame. So at least I know he's still normal. I love that about him. He's a chicken nuggets and fries kid, sure, but he's also a baked ziti and broccoli kid.

Note: Cousin Jo took me to a Japanese restaurant when she visited NYC. She ordered edamame for me to try, and I tried it to be courteous. I ended up loving it. Thanks, cuz! Now I have another healthy snack I can pack for the bug's lunch!

Another Note: When Theo was little(r) he snacked on frozen peas, which is much grosser. I tasted the frozen soybeans and I could see the appeal. The peas....bleeeeeeech.

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