Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Theo and Christmas

Last year at this time I yearned for Theo to know about Christmas, and get excited about it. This year there are some minor improvements. He's hardly making a wish list, but he can identify Santa Claus and a snowman, and is pretty into having the lights turned on on our tree. He enoys unwrapping presents, so I'm sure he'll have a blast, there.

He also is getting better and better at singing Jingle Bells. (Gingo Bas, Gingo bas, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, ho!) The articulation is really off but he sings on tune and has the sweetest little singing voice, which makes up for it.

I'll report on his response to Christmas next week. My guess is he will enjoy watching the excitement. He's like that at school, too. He's an observer, much like mom and dad. Can't wait to people-watch in Paris next Feb!

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