Saturday, December 23, 2006

Theo and Santa


I hope you like this picture...cuz it cost me 6 bucks to get the cd so I could have the digital file. But I didn't want my blog to be without it.

Theo really enjoyed going to see Santa today. He calls him "tata caus" and says, "ho ho ho." Quite cute. He joined the other kids in sneaking to the front of the line to watch Santa. Once on his lap, Joe got Theo to give Santa a kiss. It was worth waiting on a long line for, and even worth paying a zillion dollars!


Anastasia said...

you know, i have such an aversion to this practice of letting little boys and girls sit on santa's lap. perhaps i'm jaded and suspect the world of mischief, but you have to ask yourself what motivates these old, unattractive men to dress in that showy, gay (pun intended)costume for a bunch of kids they don't even know. doubtless, it is for the affections of nubile young things who bounce around on their laps and kiss them while asking for toys. the whole thing smells of pederasty and pedophilia.

or perhaps i AM just jaded. mothers are undeservedly sued these days for breast-feeding their babes past a certain age. can old men in red velvet and faux fur be trusted?

Elyse said...

I heard somewhere that Santa makes a pretty penny. But I find that hard to believe.

You're probably right, I'm sure lots of them do take the job for not so merry reasons. But I guess as long as they keep their pleasure to themselves and don't do anything innapropriate it's not the worst thing. And hey, I'd rather a Santa who likes kids than the ones who work hard to hide their misery sitting there (which was the case with our Saint Nick).

Besides, wouldn't you marry a guy with a foot fetish if it meant he'd be thrilled to bestow you with daily foot massages for life?