Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday Morning Moment

This morning, I ignored my alarm, as I tend to do on Monday mornings. And most other mornings. Finally, I forced myself out of bed and fed the crazy cats that were crawling on my head and swiping at my feet. When I returned to the bedroom and started digging for the outfit du jour, I suddenly heard a whine, "Mommy, lie down. Mommy, lie down. " Over and over.

Now, ain't that the best kind of whining? Especially when he uses proper grammar.

Following orders, I got into bed and cuddled with him for a few minutes. He looked at me and smiled;he didn't want me to go. He put his little arm around me and I soaked in those precious few moments. He was temporarily my little angel, and I was reminded of why I keep him around. ;)

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