Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Beautiful April Day in Astoria Park


Theo has off from school this week, as do my parents, so we thought we'd grab sandwiches and go to a park. Dad came up with the idea of Astoria Park. I hadn't been there since I was little.

Theo made instant friends with kids who got a kick out of sliding with him. They repeatedly waited for each other to go down, cracking up all the way (ho ho ho).

When a boy asked Theo to go on the swing, it went right over his head. He ignored it and continued to run to the slide. That made me a little sad, but dad was right - focus on the positive. The good news is, Theo isn't as cemented in routine at the playground anymore. He tries new routes, and alternates. It's huge progress.

After a while mom said, "Hold my bag, I'm going on the slide." Well, that was all the excuse I needed to go to. Reason being that this slide looked especially slippery. Theo was going very fast each time. Usually I watch kids have to pull themselves down. When you come across a good slide, it's damn irresistible.

Mom and dad had to squeeze through two little girls who were keeping watch at the top of the slide. Who needs American Idol? This was entertainment.

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Marcail said...

i played catch with Alex over there a few weeks ago. i <3 astoria park.