Friday, April 27, 2007

Big and Little

If you ask Theo if he's little or big, he always responds, "big!" And he's right. He's growing up. His new thing is taking out the garbage. It doesn't matter if it's half full (or half empty for you pessimists out there) he takes it out of the can and puts it in the hall, then gets a new garbage bag to put in the can, and is sure to neatly tuck it around the edges.

But he's still a baby. As I write he's in the living room happily watching Sesame St. with his grape juice. I had to sneak away and capture the moment. Sure, he likes Spongebob but he still loves his Elmo. And even though he's enormous, about 7'8", he still has his little baby face that keeps him from looking 5 years old...thank goodness!

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