Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Movie Date

Last night Joe was working late, so Theo and I went on a date to see Meet the Robinsons. I figured if he acted up, it was a kids' movie, so it'd be OK. Well, Theo was great, which is more than I can say for the obnoxious adults who sat behind us.

I snuck in fries and nuggets and a drink, which kept Theo happy a while. Then he climbed on to my lap and we cuddled watching the rest of the movie. Which, by the way, was a great movie. I didn't know what to expect.

Before the movie, there was an old Mickey Mouse short, and Theo likes Mickey Mouse, so that made him happy. Also, there was a preview for a movie, Ratatouille, that takes place in France. When they showed the Eiffel Tower, Theo yelled out, "Paris!" People must have been impressed at my smart little guy. Although I think he thinks the Eiffel Tower IS Paris!

When we got home, we decided to draw the things we saw. We drew Louis, the boy from the movie, and a dinosaur. Then Theo wanted to draw Mickey Mouse and Paris (his drawing of Paris was quite amusing). But I was glad to see that he seemed to be picking up that we were drawing things we'd just seen.

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