Friday, April 06, 2007

Family Time


Yesterday Grandma joined Theo and me at the mall. We popped by to say hello to the Easter Bunny.

Later that night, mom and dad came over for dinner. After we ate, we were all - my parents, Joe, Clay, and I - sitting around the table and I gave Theo some paper and brand new markers. I told him to draw grandma. No one expected him to actually make a face with hair around it! We told him to add eyes, a nose, and a mouth, and this was the result. His very first real drawing. We were all gasping with shock and bursting with pride. Yuck, sorry for that cliche.

Grandma taught Theo scales on the piano, and we were amazed at how well he played and sang. He has great pitch, honestly. He's so cute singing Do Re Mi!

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Grandma Ice-Cream said...

Dad says this picture really captures me, kind of like his cartoons. :)
Had so much fun.