Tuesday, July 25, 2006

In His Own Time

The other day at the park we encountered an old playgroup friend of Theo's, who is exactly his age. He was prepared to tell the cops his name and address if he ever got lost. Yikes, I better buy Theo a dog tag!

I feel guilty when I get wistful seeing other conversational children. It's amazing how I transition between sadly hearing a child his age sing a whole song, and the happiness and excitement of Theo finally starting to sing. Which, incidentally, occured this week. See Grandma Carol's comments below. He sings one word at a time, repeating after me (or her, she gets the credit for getting him started on it). He has a lovely singing voice, and much better pitch than his dad.

While it's difficult not to compare him to other children, we are still pretty good about celebrating his victories as they occur on his own unique, personal timeline.

It's going to get much easier, I think, when I see the other children he goes to his special preschool with. Even if that makes me horrible, it will be nice to see Theo in a group of kids his age where he is not the least advanced. And so in essence, I am wishing bad things on other children. So sue me, I'm human!


Grandma Carol said...

Let's try to concentrate on what Theo can do, and not dwell on what he can't. (Yet) Children all develop on their own schedule. Just this afternoon, before Lorena came over, I had Theo on my lap and gave him his first piano lesson! As I sang Twinkle Twinkle, I played the notes on the piano. I showed him where the notes were of the first part of the song, and had him follow directions for each note. For example- Twinkle c,c( 2)Twinkle gg,(2)little a,a (2) star g (1), but I placed his finger on the note and told him how many times to play it as I sang the words, not the letters. At first he played every note 2 times, then he played "star" once as it fit the song. He did it perfectly two times! We both clapped hooray! He even tried to find the notes to the rest of the song. Some were correct,and some were all over the piano, but he was having such a good time. He's been singing the Theo song too. Going up and down the scale. T-H-E-O Theo I love you! He's such a mush. In the playground, a little child got hurt and he looked genuinely worried.

Anonymous said...

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