Friday, July 21, 2006

Introducing the next Family Von Orecchio

Theo is a natural musician. I really think that learning an instrument will be fundamental to his growth and development. He loves to play his plastic harmonica and trumpet. He loves to blow into the recorder Nonny gave him. And he loves his Baby Einstein Orchestra DVD. He can name all the instruments. And not just your basic piano and guitar, but timpani and trombone and harp and bass. My favorite is tambourine. Tamoeeeeeeee.

This is a segue, of course, into Theo and the piano. It's my dream for him to learn it. So far, he loves playing it so much that I don't have to feel guilty about imposing my dream on him. In fact,he's the reason my own piano learning went sour, I couldn't practice without him coming over and climbing on my lap so he could play too. (Did you hear that? I just blamed my failure at learning piano on my 2 year old! )

And so I fantasize that one day, I will sing and he will accompany me on our Steinway. We've already started. He plays notes and I match them with "la la la." It took him no time at all to grasp that we were making music together. I could tell by the way he looked up and smiled, the first time I sang the notes he played. What has impressed us and others who watch him is the way he plays. Even when he was smaller he made music instead of banging on the keys as most kids would.

Grandma Carol, you haven't taught piano in years. Looking for a job?


Grandma Carol said...

Of course I will be delighted to teach the little guy some piano! And as for his mom, who's certainly not too old to continue her own lessons.....:)
It's going to be so much fun when he joins in and sings along with us, or plays along. He taps his knees with his hands in perfect rhythm when I sing to him. Totally charming.

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