Wednesday, July 12, 2006

My Little Voice

Theo's really doing well. His words are gaining more clarity. He's learned to say pizza instead of at-ta. He still says nanoo for canoe, but as the skunk from Bambi would say, I don't mind! He can call it nanoo if he wants to! It's pretty damn cute.

Some more fun words-
Kangaroo: Aroooo
Tambourine - Oreeeeeen
Ice Cream - Acree
Broccoli - Ochley

Sometimes as funny as the words he screws up are the words he says perfectly. Like "Elmo." Go figure.

I don't care how he says the words, I'm just so happy to hear his sweet little voice! My favorite word to hear, of course, is "mommy."


Grandma Carol said...

We were having so much fun with him last weekend. He has the sweetest little voice. My personal favorite (besides "gairma", of course)is the way he says a-gayn. No matter how many times I read a book to him when he looks up and smiles and says agayn, I can't say no. :)

And it's so interesting how he will get a really difficult and random word like "octagon" perfect in pronunciation. But he does know his shapes. He's learning more all the time.

And when we went out for ice-cream, he was yelling iccccccce-creeeemmmm
at the top of his lungs all the way there. With a smile on his face. Grampa was laughing so hard.

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