Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My Three Kids


The bad news is that Theo hasn't eased up too much on the kittens. The good news is that they've grown a bunch and have actually come to enjoy his shenanigans.

He does carry them a bit better, usually with two hands instead of one, and not by their leg or tail - as often.

Maow and Bruce seem to enjoy Theo's roughhousing. Especially Bruce. He lies there on his back and allows Theo to squeeze his stomach. Cats don't expose their bellies when they're in fear. I suppose Theo doesn't do it hard enough to really hurt them now that their bigger.

Sometimes I see Theo being rough with the cats, and I yell at him to get away. He refuses, of course, so I go over, only to find them lying there purring.

The three of them running around chasing each other, roughhousing and loving it, remind me of Jodi's three boys. I guess I have three kids of my own!

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