Friday, September 01, 2006

End of an Era


Last night I had a little pizza party as a goodbye for Lorena and Theresa. Theo was on talking overdrive having both of his therapists there at once. He named as many things in the room for them and was smiling like crazy, singing, and dancing. He was happily overwhelmed having them both there, it threw him for a loop, but in a cute way with positive effect.

Theresa brought him a gift, Lorena brought cookies, it was a good time. We reminisced on how Theo was in the beginning.

When Theresa first came, she had a wax apple, banana, pear, and orange. Theo said apple and nana, and refused to say the other two. He said very little else, too. Practically nothing, in fact. But every day she came, and the first word out of his mouth when the doorbell rang was apple! And he ran to her bag. Eventually he said pear and orange.

He started out doing puzzles, being able to work with the pieces asked of him, but not repeating the words. For example, Theresa would say, I want the bear. Theo would take the bear piece and put it in the puzzle. Now, he says, "I want bear please."

When Lorena first came, Theo drooled all the time, couldn't blow bubbles, couldn't make sound on a recorder or he can, and doesn't drool. Her sensory work with him was great.

Theo now knows his letters, numbers, shapes... Theo has learned a lot from different people but these two women contributed tremendously. It was hard to sacrifice most week nights, but it was very worth it. Theo is very well-prepared now for his preschool, where he will continue to work hard. He's excellent in a learning environment. Lorena works in a CPSCE school, so she knows the setting very well. And she thinks he'll thrive there, which is very encouraging.

They both said I was the best parent they've worked with. Apparently most parents go into another room while they work with their kids...I had no idea. I never thought to do anything but sit with Theo and learn as he learns. Particularly, to learn how to make him learn when they're not there. After all, that's the point. An hour a day alone can only do so much.

Regardless, their compliment made me feel good. They said no one ever gave them a goodbye dinner before, but I couldn't see the last day being just a normal day. It's so weird that they won't be coming over tonight.

It's really the end of an era. I'm so excited about the next one...


Grandma Carol said...

You are an amazing parent, and so is your hubby! (It takes one to know one!) Theo has made so many strides in this last year- I can't wait to see how he develops with his new little school. :)

anastasia said...

far be it for me, as a libertarian, to bash commercialism, but why can't kids just have normal backpacks anymore? no advertisements, no endorsements, no billboards on baby boys' backs. just plain-old, attractive, well-designed backpacks. spongebob and elmo are fine and good, but independent thinking begins with a noncommercial schoolbag.

(i'm reading way too much into this.)

Elyse said...

Thanks, boob, you made my day! I needed a good laugh, it's been a stressful day at work!