Thursday, September 21, 2006


Joe is in charge of dressing Theo for school in the morning, and he insists on putting on his preppie shirts every day. Theo goes to school looking like an ad for Children's Gap or Children's Place.

At first I questioned whether it was too obnoxious. After all, I figured all the other kids are in T-shirts, and those are more comfortable to play in. But Theo has come to really like these button down collared shirts, and he has no problem playing in them. And I think he's lucky to have a daddy who gets his kicks from making his little boy look stellar at school.

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Grandma Carol said...

He's a lucky little guy to have so many people doting over him- but then, that's easy to do with that little sweetie! He looks so great in everything, why shouldn't he be the best dressed little boy at school? He doesn't seem to mind- have fun Joe!