Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Theo poured all of the milk left in the carton into his cereal and returned the empty carton to the fridge.

He also threw his cereal bowl in the garbage, because at school they always throw out their paper plates and bowls. He doesn't see why he shouldn't do it with an actual bowl. If you consider a bowl from K-mart an actual bowl.

And Theo covers his mouth after he coughs. Here's why: when he coughs, he is told, cover your mouth. And so he coughs, says "cover your mouth," and puts his hand on his mouth. He thinks it's a game. Ay ay ay.
He's lucky he's cute.


anastasia said...

next up: theo takes a hearty wee with the toilet seat down, exclaims, "lift the toilet seat", does so ex post facto, and leaves the bathroom a mess. it's a game!! also, excellent practice for becoming a Real Man. because Real Men never lift the toilet seat.

Elyse said...

so true. and real men return empty cartons to the fridge. he's on his way...