Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Favorite Word Du Jour

Is applesauce. You gotta hear Theo say it. First of all, it's a long word, a compound in fact, that he says perfectly clearly. But better than that - he prounounces it with a sharp p and on sauce his voice goes into a high pitched squeak.

Last night I brought groceries home and laid them all on the counter. Too lazy to put them all away before cooking dinner, I started chopping garlic. Theo saw me chopping, so he brought in his stool so he could help "cut." Once elevated, he noticed the newly purchased applesauce on the counter, and all thoughts of garlic went out the window (along with the vampires).

"Applesauce. Applesauce. Applesauce."

I told him to bring it to daddy to open, which he did. And so I proceeded to cook solo as he chowed down on my new favorite word du jour.


anastasia said...

let us now ruminate on the difference between a compound word and a portmanteau. i really can't pin it down. may i invite you to an email exchange on linguistics?

Elyse said...

Here's the difference. A compound word leaves both words intact. Sauce is the noun and apple the modifier. Applesauce.

A portmanteau blends two sounds and meanings to create a new SOUNDING word. For instance, motel is a portmanteau created from motor and hotel.

I accept your invitation, let's get emailing!