Monday, September 11, 2006

Playing Fetch

Theo's sitter, Anais, has a dog, so Theo has gotten used to playing fetch with her.

Now, he's in the habit of playing fetch with the cats. The trouble is, they think they're dogs, and do fetch, and so they just encourage him. And he can't stick to throwing a soft, rubber ball, oh no. He has to chuck the most obnoxious items possible. Raisins, so they can stick to the rug. Crackers and granola bars, so the crumbs can get everywhere. Legos and toy cars, so they can make a loud crashing sound as they hit the hardwood floor. Their dry food, so he can "feed them."

While a good little doggie will bring the item back, the cats run to the item and swat it, then run to the next thing he throws. Every time they chase what he throws, he bursts into hysterical laughter. Which is actually really cute. Just house-destructive.

I swear we have three kids.


anastasia said...

Heh. Yeah. Cats are retarded. They swat. I never realized that. You know how sometimes they creep up on an inanimate object like a pair of shoes, and touch it gently and then pull their paws back real quick as if they touched something piping hot? What's up with that? It's a friggin' pair of shoes!

Grandma Carol said...

That's hilarious. But it's great that he's enjoying his kitties so much. To add to the confusion, when he's at uncle Elliot's and auntie Gloria's, he plays with Cow, the cat(who also acts like a dog.:) Even I'm confused!