Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Fine Product

I feel the urge to spend a blog entry celebrating the joy my son brings to my life.

Theo Jack is an amazing child. There are so many things about him that I say not just as a mother, because everyone says it. Primarily, that he's the most loving boy. He really is. He is the sweetest, most loving guy. He has a huge smile, hug, and kiss ready for those who want it. He gets excited by anyone who talks to him or pays attention to him. He's just a giant sponge of affection and reciprocates. As a baby, many people called him the happiest baby they'd ever seen. He was always smiling. In fact, that's what landed him his K-mart catalogue gig at 5 months old. The woman auditioning him was overwhelmed by how much he smiled at her as she took his jacket off -- this wan't even the audition, she was just prepping him! And Joe and I were always remarking at how many people Theo would choose to randomly smile at on the subway. He would target a person and crack a smile so large that they'd always inevitably melt and smile back -- even the thugs and bums and cranky old people.

Next, he's stunning to look at. Again, I am not just a mother saying this. I've heard it too much for it to be untrue. His nose is a work of art. His hair has an amazing silky texture and vibrant blonde color. He has never been chubby. Even as a baby he was long and slender. Now, he is tall, firm, and muscular. He has giant feet for his age -- always did. He has an elegant neck and a full face, with the smooth skin of a cherub. He has baby-red lips. He has long, long eyelashes and a killer tush. He has big eyes that get very focused when he concentrates on a drawing or TV show, or when he gets lost in thought. So often I wonder what he's thinking about. And his face, my god, his face. Whether it's his fantastic laugh, his gigantic smile, his hysterical sad face, his heart-shattering pained face, his maddening mad face -- he's gorgeous. And he wears all outfits well. He looks killer dressed up in a suit, or sporty t-shirt and jeans, or sweatpants, or preppie outfit. He looks adorable in a towel or diaper, and especially in underwear. I think my favorite is Theo in pajamas -- it's when he's my little boy the most.

Here, these two pictures illustrate my point best. Both were posted in the summer, so you haven't seen them in a while. Look at his eyes, his nose, his focus, his exquisite beauty. I dare you to find a flaw.

As Nonny likes to say, not only is he gorgeous but he has to be smart, too? Theo is incredibly smart. He may have had learning delays, but that doesn't take away from how incredibly intelligent and perceptive he is. Theo is an observer. Ever since birth he's always taken in everything that's around him with incredible depth. He has developed a great memory. You can't pull a fast one on Theo. If I try to hide the raisins, he won't give up on looking for them or he'll making ME look, because he'll know they're around somewhere. And he's so persistent. If he decides he wants to accomplish something, he's not going to give up until he does it. A puzzle, finding a missing ball, a new playground thing like a rock-climbing wall or spider web - he'll keep at it with fierce loyalty.

Theo the physical specimen is an amazing climber. When he was younger he could climb better than older kids, and other parents were often impressed.

And is he ever good-natured! He is so enthusiastic about so many things. He can't wait to take the school bus in the morning and get to school. He absolutely loves school and had zero problems getting used to it. When Theo was a baby it wasn't always easy to take him places or leave him with other people. Now, he gets ultra excited about taking a train or bus or car ride, and he loves taking walks. I have no problems leaving him with most people...he loves staying with grandma, his cousins, his favorite babysitters -- he is so easy and doesn't give anyone a hard time.

Theo is a fun, fun kid. He is so easy to crack up, and he cracks me up every day. As all kids do, he has a huge assortment of his own rules. When we roll the ball to each other with our legs in a V, I have to keep my legs down, not bent. After he gets out of the bath, I have to lift him up to the mirror so he can see himself in the towel. He has to eat his food out of a certain bowl, in a certain chair, which happens to be the least comfortable chair. He has to sleep with his legs out of the blanket (we cover him once he's asleep, although usually he kicks out by the time he wakes up). He has to lie in the middle of me and Joe, never on one side or the other. If as we're walking we pass by a ramp, he has to go up before we can proceed. I can go on and on.

Life with Theo is never-ending entertainment. I love watching him put extreme effort into mundane adult activities. This morning I poked my head into the bedroom to watch him get socks without him seeing me. The socks are in the top drawer of Joe's dresser next to our bed, about 2 feet from the wall. He got on the bed and instead of just walking to the drawer, he had to make it difficult. He got on the bed and leaned forward so that his hands were on the wall and his feet were on the bed. In this manner he walked sideways over to the drawer. Once there, first he took out a black sock that had no mate. He studied it, tongue out, and determined it was not his. He put it back. Next, he pulled out a rolled pair of socks. He studied it a few seconds and then and approved that pair.

Like most moms I wonder daily if I'm a good enough mom. If I spend enough time with him, if I do enough, parent well enough, teach him enough, discipline enough, etc...
All I know is if I am the manufacturer and he is the product, there will be no recalls any time soon.


Anastasia said...

whoa. hello Ode on a Grecian God.

i wonder what his reaction will be when he's like 14 and reads that.

Elyse said...

He'll probably roll his eyes. But he'll appreciate it after I'm dead