Monday, January 22, 2007

A Story of Bedtime


Bruce and Maow aren't normal cats. They are fascinated when someone's in the bath, and always hang out. They get even closer than this. As you can see, Theo gets a kick out if it, too.

Here's Theo excited about his new robe. When I was buying this robe, it came with booties. The set was 4T, and came with pjs too. The pjs fit, the robe fit, but of course, the booties did not fit. As always, Theo's feet are much bigger than what designers imagine a boy his age's to be. It was a case of deja vu that made me smile. Even when he was a baby and got little sets that came with booties, the booties were always too small.

Well, Joe had the camera in his hand already, and he couldn't resist...

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