Monday, January 08, 2007

Saturday, What a Day

There’s nothing like global warming to promote mother-son bonding. Theo and I spent a decadent, lazy, balmy Saturday going to parks and snoozing. First, we went to our local park. We came home and fell asleep on my bed; he was in my arms, with his head on my chest. When I woke up I had a pool of drool on my shirt.

Later, we met up with daddy to take an unexpected January stroll through Central Park. Theo finally attempted to climb the spider web at the playground, and he got very good at it. He can be very coordinated, my little spider.

That night, we headed to Joisey for Maryann’s Christmas party. Maryann’s husband collects pinball machines, so there were 4 there for all the kids to play with. After inhaling about 12 meatballs (they were small, but still) Theo pulled a chair up to the pinball machine, and that’s where he stayed until we left. He was at the machine a good 4 hours. Only he wasn’t actually playing pinball. His only interest was in pulling the lever to get the ball out, and then watching the ball do its thing and inevitably fall through the hole. He had no desire to use the flippers.

Every time the ball went into the “gutter” he peered over the machine and into the hole to try to see where the ball went. The party guests were getting a big kick out of it.

When other people, like Uncle Jimmy, wanted to play pinball they just stood behind Theo and let him pull the lever. It was a team effort. One woman had Theo practicing all his colors with the machine. He was so sweet and charmed everyone, as usual.

Justin, a friend of Jodi’s boys, told Joe he couldn’t play matchbox cars with them because he was wearing a “man suit.” We laughed about that all night. I’m still laughing about it. I can’t wait for Theo to say things like that.


Anastasia said...

but they're called monkey bars! and don't you call theo your monkey, usually?

Elyse said...

no, not the monkey bars, this is different. it's literally a giant spider web made of rope.