Monday, January 15, 2007

Little Boy Land

Congrats to Jodi and my mom-in-law for the new house in Ringwood. They're moving on up to the country. We all took a trip out on Saturday to see the house, and it is truly fantastic. Not only is the house beautiful and enormous, but there are four miles of woods in the backyard, and a stream. It's a lake community, so there's a nearby lake for summer fun. Nice for Jod; she won't have to maintain a pool anymore. Instead, they're installing Joanne's hot tub! Even better.

The boys were in little boy heaven over there. We went post-rain, and so the woods were damp and fresh with dew. I was brought right back to my childhood in Alleypond Park. My woods were two blocks away instead of two feet away, which was fine with me. My mom didn't have to worry about maintaining the park...worked out for everyone!

I'm glad Theo is as much a nature boy as he is a city boy. I like giving him both worlds. He loves running through the woods and walking on logs. He also loves people-observing on crowded blocks and enjoys the action of our city. Between Central Park outings and visiting our family in Jersey, Theo will grow up in the best of both worlds. Except for the school system, but that's another story. Our schools will never match suburban schools, but a true New Yorker's education is unmatched.


Anastasia said...

you know, if he likes to climb, you should start him early on climbing lessons. i went to the local climbing walls a few times and i have never seen such perfect specimens of male creation in my life. my friend and i were astounded. climbing does something to your body. muslces become sinewy, powerful. skin becomes supple and at the same time, taut. good heavens. it's good for a guy.

Elyse said...

oh my, you're already turning my little boy into a lady-killing beefcake