Monday, January 15, 2007

Rice and Beans

There's a to-die-for Argentinian Steakhouse a few blocks from my house called Moment's. It's one block past the playground.

Yesterday, before we walked there to meet mom, Ell and Glo, I told Joe how we should brace ourselves for the tantrum we'll get when we walk past the park and Theo realizes he's not going in.

So, we set out for the steakhouse, telling Theo we're going for rice and beans. If only you could have seen the excitement that ensued for the next four blocks! Walking past the park proved to be no problem. The hungry monkey was focused only on the rice and beans he was about to chow down on.

The meal went off without a Theo-hitch. He was well-behaved, ate a bunch, and drew pictures with Grandma and Aunt Gloria. By the way...thanks for the yummy feast, mom!

Theo's a little Spanish-foodguy. Rice and beans, flan...he's definitely a product of Sunnyside!

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