Friday, January 05, 2007

Tye Dye Stars

Theo opened up 4 cans of new, unused play dough yesterday (thanks, Grandma, for the xmas present).

Theo has a star cutter that cuts stars -duh- into the dough from the set we already have, where the colors are all mangled up by now.

He took the clay and played while, ironically, Clay was visiting. Theo made red stars, blue stars, white stars, and yellow stars. He was so funny, he always gave me the leftover clay and had me roll that for him. Anyway, after playing a while I joined Joe, Clay, and his sister, Rachel, for a game of Scattegories. After a round or two I looked over at Theo and I couldn't believe what I saw!

There on the ground were a bunch of fantastic, beautiful stars just bursting with intricate color patterns and lovely designs. We all agreed that when we mixed clay colors as kids, it always just turned brown. So how was it that Theo pulled off this magnificent display?

I so wish I had a picture to post. Joe and I stole two stars to dry and keep before Theo squished them all back into balls, so I will photograph them when I get my camera back from repairs. But you won't really get what I mean until you see what it looks like. Even Clay and Rachel, the artists, were amazed at how cool Theo's stars were.

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Anastasia said...

well cuz you know, he probably didn't mix it up all that much. you have to keep at it like a madman until all the colors blend into each other. give it time. soon, his matural male tendencies to destroy everything will shine through!