Friday, January 05, 2007

Raising a Yes Man

Kids typically learn "no" before "yes." Big surprise.

I made it my New Years Resolution to get the bug saying "yes." He has certainly got the word "no" down to a science.

So far, only 5 days into the year, things are going well. He has said it a few times now, as well as "yeah." I think it was just a matter of working very hard to cram it into his head. I've been saying yes to everything and reinforcing everything with yes. I should have done it a long time ago. I emphasized the rest of the sentence and not the yes.

Theo - Look! Eggs are cooking!
Mommy - Yes, right, the eggs are cooking!

Theo - Look! Eggs are cooking!
Mommy - Yes! Yes, that's right! YES! Eggs are cooking. Yes. Theo, are the eggs cooking? Yes! Yes, Theo, yes, the eggs are cooking!

OK, it might sound obnoxious to you, but you already know the word.

He has gotten it quickly, using it functionally. Do you want milk? No. Water? No. Soup? "Yes." That was my first yes from him, it happened some time last week (I made the resolution before Jan 1).

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Anastasia said...

such a good mommy! ;)