Thursday, March 13, 2008

All is Well With the Gymnast

I had my monthly doc's appointment yesterday and all is well! Melody swam away from the little machine that detects the heartbeat, so for about ten seconds we couldn't find it, which felt like ten minutes.

Everything is on track; I measured 27 inches (from top of belly to bottom) and gained about 14 pounds. My belly button is 3/4 of the way popped. Doc put me on iron pills because of my slight, slight anemia; I took those with Theo, too.

I do not speak in hyperbole; Melody is moving all the time now. With Theo I said the typical boy stuff like he was playing soccer in there, and with Melody, I call her a gymnast. I'm sure she'd make a fine soccer player too, but apparently her specialty is somersaults and flips.

I read that at 28 weeks dad can hold a toilet paper roll to my belly and possibly hear her heartbeat. Joe wasn't able to make it to my doctor's appointment yesterday thanks to work, but I told him it was one of those quickie five minute ones and it wasn't worth him coming anyway. I told him we listened to the heartbeat and he said, "Yeah, but I can do that with toilet paper." Good to know he's paying attention! Sort of...

Tomorrow I'll be 27 weeks and in my final week of the second trimester. Finally! I'm not good with patience and I'm ready for June to come NOW.


Cail said...

i want more belly pictures!

Elyse said...

Yeah, so do I, yell at my photographer hubby please! We're hoping to do some pics this weekend :)