Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter Weekend

For us, Easter is over! We celebrated this weekend since Aunt Pia was in town. This Sunday we can blissfully do nothing. What do you mean this Sunday is the day Jesus was resurrected and I'm missing the point? I thought Easter was about bunnies and eggs.

We spent Saturday with Grandma Popcorn in Joisey. She took us and Max (the five-year-old cousin) to see the Easter Bunny on the Easter Bunny Express. It's a train ride in Jersey, and it's cool because it's an old-fashioned train and there's a whole railyard with stationary trains and tracks where the kids can run around. Theo obviously loved that!

Theo was thrilled Sunday morning to learn we were going to see Aunt Pia. And Nonny, Grandma Ice cream, Uncle Elliot, etc...

We feasted at Nonny's, and decorated Easter eggs. Theo was adorable hunting for eggs around Nonny's living room and bedroom. He really got into it. He did a great job, finding every single one!

As you can see, he equally enjoyed He went around "tagging" us all with the stickers Grandma brought for him.

Theo also enjoyed dunking his bread pudding in his milk after seeing mommy do it. He's such a little monkey!

Joe in what I *think* is his attempt to be the dignified Easter Bunny.

After we left, Aunt Gloria drove us by the laundromat featured in Knuffle Bunny. We wanted to see how Theo would react, but we were all pretty curious ourselves to see it. Theo was only mildly amused, but after a few minutes after we left, he smiled and said "the same." He really internalizes things!

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Mental P Mama said...

Adorable! And, Mommy, you look mahhhvelous!